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WELCOME NOTE! [Jun. 11th, 09/12:54 am]
Sidekick FAQ default entry
I will update what's going on here
ps. for questions not covered yet; please tmail me > my-tmail; and ill try to help or find someone who can.

my name is Jenny. i'm 23 and a mommy. in my free time I tend to get asked for help on various things, so why not on my newest addiction "the tmobile sidekick"

1. add skfaq to your friends list
2. my-tmail for any additional help.
3. new users ask questions newbies @ sidekicknewbies created by freitykitty
3. semi pro and pro users sidekickjunkies; head here.

also once you've set up you're sidekick do check out > tmail ; make some friends.