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sk2; callertunes [Jun. 12th, 06/12:24 am]
Q: are the songs longer?
A: yes, the songs are longer than ringtones.

Q: how does it work?
A: call tmobile and order it, it costs ____ per month.

Q: can I change the tunes?
A: yes, log into caller tunes under my tmobile

Q: does everyone hear the same one?
A: no, you can have a special tune for a few people. example: you're mom gets to hear elvis. you're bestfriend gets to hear ashlee simpson, you're boyfriend gets to hear some rapper.

Q; what is caller tunes?
A: it replaces the ringing, it doesn't say anything but play music, or an actor talks
ex: an actor might say: "hold on while I get them" over and over