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sk2; auto-text [Jun. 12th, 06/12:24 am]
thanks to (Miss Krisha) for this wonderfuk set up for auto text.

to go to auto text, press Jump () > Menu () > Settings > AutoText
to make a new rule press Menu () + N

first you learn to Copy & Paste

Move the cursor to what you want to copy, hold the (shift)  key & use the  or  arrows to highlight the text you want.

Pressing the menu () + C key will copy what's highlighted.

Pressing the menu () + V key will paste what's been copied.

By knowing this you can paste items into your auto text to make things

(ex.) If you copy some unicode letters & make a new rule example : cwp =₢₩ΣΣÞ™

Hint. If your in an aim convo Push Menu () + M, it will place the convo in an email where you can move the cursor to what you wish to copy.
Or if you receive an email press Menu () + J , this is the "foward" command to allow you to move the cursor in the email ² copy what you want as well.
Once you have copies what you want press Menu () + . · the period button. To canel the request to mail a conversation or forward an email.
note: send jenny an email from your tmail, for shapes and letters.