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WELCOME NOTE! [Jun. 11th, 09/12:54 am]
Sidekick FAQ default entry
I will update what's going on here
ps. for questions not covered yet; please tmail me > my-tmail; and ill try to help or find someone who can.

my name is Jenny. i'm 23 and a mommy. in my free time I tend to get asked for help on various things, so why not on my newest addiction "the tmobile sidekick"

1. add skfaq to your friends list
2. my-tmail for any additional help.
3. new users ask questions newbies @ sidekicknewbies created by freitykitty
3. semi pro and pro users sidekickjunkies; head here.

also once you've set up you're sidekick do check out > tmail ; make some friends.

AIM; actions & bots [Jun. 13th, 06/02:13 pm]
action in a.I.m
my sn is SeptembersScene
type "/me is bored" would be SeptembersScene is bored

aim bots
add > playgames, get help.
I personally find smarterchild amusing.

add > find lots of things.

help > help screen
cl > changes your current location
gl > gets your current search location
to start a new search enter the search term at any time.

sk; hipalbum [Jun. 12th, 06/01:47 am]
Q: how do I join hipalbum?
A: go here and instantly get an account.
add tmail email > pick username > password

Q: what is my address for hipalbum
A: http://hipalbum.com/?username you wanted

Q: is it worth it?
A: yes & no. if you like taking photos and I think having an vip account would make it more worth it

Q: how do you use hipalbum?
A: send an email from your tmail, subject line is your password.

to: sub@HIPalbum.com
subject: j1978
body: taken today, great huh?
then > attach photos

sk2; keyguard [Jun. 12th, 06/12:26 am]
changing keyguard screen
Q: where is it located?
A: menu button > settings > keyguard & security

Q: how do I change it then?
click the little photo and open your gallery pick the photo you want.
menu > use checked >> then you're done

sk2; callertunes [Jun. 12th, 06/12:24 am]
Q: are the songs longer?
A: yes, the songs are longer than ringtones.

Q: how does it work?
A: call tmobile and order it, it costs ____ per month.

Q: can I change the tunes?
A: yes, log into caller tunes under my tmobile

Q: does everyone hear the same one?
A: no, you can have a special tune for a few people. example: you're mom gets to hear elvis. you're bestfriend gets to hear ashlee simpson, you're boyfriend gets to hear some rapper.

Q; what is caller tunes?
A: it replaces the ringing, it doesn't say anything but play music, or an actor talks
ex: an actor might say: "hold on while I get them" over and over

sk2; auto-text [Jun. 12th, 06/12:24 am]
thanks to (Miss Krisha) for this wonderfuk set up for auto text.

to go to auto text, press Jump () > Menu () > Settings > AutoText
to make a new rule press Menu () + N

first you learn to Copy & Paste

Move the cursor to what you want to copy, hold the (shift)  key & use the  or  arrows to highlight the text you want.

Pressing the menu () + C key will copy what's highlighted.

Pressing the menu () + V key will paste what's been copied.

By knowing this you can paste items into your auto text to make things

(ex.) If you copy some unicode letters & make a new rule example : cwp =₢₩ΣΣÞ™

Hint. If your in an aim convo Push Menu () + M, it will place the convo in an email where you can move the cursor to what you wish to copy.
Or if you receive an email press Menu () + J , this is the "foward" command to allow you to move the cursor in the email ² copy what you want as well.
Once you have copies what you want press Menu () + . · the period button. To canel the request to mail a conversation or forward an email.
note: send jenny an email from your tmail, for shapes and letters.

sk2; aim by texting [Jun. 12th, 06/12:22 am]
(info) done by miss krisha.

don't have a G icon? still want to use aim
A: send your screen name and password to 4646.
here are some other commands:
ex. To: 4646
screen name > password

Sign On = 4646
Sign Off = 4647
Add buddy = 4648
Delete buddy= 4649
Buddies = 4650
Set Alert = 4651
Block buddy = 4652
Settings = 4653
Send to = 4654
Mobile = 4655
Get Info = 265008
Allow = 265010
Set Away = 265011
Welcome = 265019
Unregister = 265021
Recycle = 265022
extra AIM smilies
@(OO)@ @(^v^)@ @(^o^)@
Link1 cmnt|feedback/commnt

sk2; prepaid [Jun. 12th, 06/12:22 am]
Q: can I turn off wireless to save money? A: No, you're charged $1/day whether you use it or not.

Q: why does it tel me how many minutes I have?
A: all money loaded on is considered minutes, even if you don't use the calling feature.

Q: can I use desktop interface?
A: Yes, if you have any problems, call customer care, 611 on your sidekick).
note: go to sidekick.t-mobile.com/ and register.

Q: How do I get those cute icons?
A: Jenny's tmail , send me an email asking for it.

sk2; gmail [Jun. 12th, 06/12:21 am]
FIRST ON A PC GO TO setting once you've logged into gmail.com and click fowarding/popmail.
also if you want amil to stay in your gmail account DON'T click "delete off server etc"

if you want the mail in a special folder and not the "inbox" before adding the gmail account
menu > new folder > add
then create account

Adding the gmail account
menu > settings > accounts > add
server: pop.gmail.com
protocol: pop/ssl
username: whatever.you.picked@gmail.com
must have @ gmail.com
password: whatever you picked.

it will retrieve automaticly, or when in main email window menu > +u (updates)

sk2; sidekicktones.com [Jun. 12th, 06/12:20 am]

Q: can you play them on your sidekick?
A: yes, once you've received it open the email then scroll to play.

Jump () + play hold click wheel for 2 seconds and then it should bring you to main Jump () screen. and music starts playing.

sk2; reset; hard&soft [Jun. 12th, 06/12:20 am]
Q: how do you do a hard reset
A: under screen there is a tiny hole, stick something like a paper clip into it and push down the same time as you hold the power button and hold for a few moments then you feel it vibrate.

Q: what does a hard reset do
A: a hard reset basicly wipes out your sidekick. w/in 15 minutes to 24 hours you'll get everything but text messages.

Q: how do you do a soft reset
A: hold @ 1 + 0 at the same time and you'll see "turning off wireless" the soft reset is done

Q: what does a soft reset do
A: a soft reset basicly is like turning off your phone and turning it on again only faster

sk2; tricks [Jun. 12th, 06/12:18 am]
(info by misskrisha)
full web browser
to open a full window on your web browser press (Menu)  + (Shift)  + T

press (Jump) , > press > (Menu)  + F
and the same to turn off.

sk2; other companies email [Jun. 12th, 06/12:17 am]
want to email someone who doesn't have a sidekick?


virgin mobile;





sk2; posting from your sk [Jun. 12th, 06/12:17 am]
updating from a sidekick
Q: I get an error while trying to post on the actual update page.
A: try lj mobile
log in, post, also view a plain text friends page.
also: sk weezer

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